Finding Garage Sale Sleepers For eBay!

Make Money Selling Common, Overlooked Garage Sale Items On eBay

Turn $1 Into $40 Over and Over Again!

Over the years, I’ve discovered many “sleeper” items that I can find for $5 or less and resell them on eBay for $20 or more. Some items can sell for hundreds of dollars but you have to know which ones.

I’m making videos showing some of the “sleepers” that I’ve stumbled upon along the way.

If you would like to share some of your secret finds, feel free to pass them along and I’ll feature them in an upcoming video.

Better yet, I’ll post your video here if you have one. Just send me the code or your Youtube URL and you’ll get full credit.

Make sure you join our mailing list in the form above on the right so you’ll get a notice when we post the next video sleeper find!


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